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Hello! Here's a bit about me as a person! I am a teen (if you couldn't tell already!), who is a fidget toy lover, TV addict, tennis lover, and a non-stop talker!

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I am Taanvi Arekapudi, a 15-year-old freshman in High School and the author of the international best-seller, "Uplift Teens Today: Coping Strategies for Mental Health" (available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more.) I am also the creator of the Emotion Cards: Unveiling the Power of Emotions, One Card at a Time, Card Deck. With a deep passion for mental health advocacy, I actively engage in various organizations and initiatives dedicated to supporting youth and promoting mental well-being. This dedication has led me to attend book fairs and media shows (like ABC, FOX, CBS, King5, ETV, TV9 and more!) to promote my book and spread awareness about mental health. My dedication to mental health advocacy has earned me prestigious accolades, such as the C.P. and Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award and the Presidential Volunteer Service Award


I have also contributed my voice and perspectives to various organizations, including my role as a representative on my school district’s Student Wellness & Safety Task Force. In addition to my advocacy work, my commitment to raising awareness about mental health has led me to participate in book fairs and media shows, including appearances on ABC10, FOX, King5, and more. I am a youth ambassador for one of the largest Mental Health Organizations in America, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I am also an active member of the Work2BeWell National Student Advisory Council part of the 3rd Largest Health System, Providence, a dedicated member of the Advocacy Team for Free2Luv, and a volunteer/ambassador for the Mindspring Mental Health Alliance. I am also involved with Youth MOVE National, amplifying youth voices and promoting mental health and well-being. I am the Washington Health Care Authority Youth and Young Adult Continuum of Care (YYACC) Youth Lead and the Family Youth & System Partners Round Table (FYSPRT) KC3 Co-Youth Tri-Lead. I am currently working on the state and national level making law changes to enhance youth mental health support, speaking with Senators, State Governors, and Representatives!

My passion for breaking the stigma and helping people through their mental health journey, has led me to:

Be a regular guest expert featured on ABC, FOX, AZ FAmily, and more!

Speak at conferences, workshops, retreats, and more around the world

Publish International Best Seller “Uplift teens today: coping strategies for mental health”

publish International Best Seller “Emotion cards: unveiling the power of emotions, one card at a time” card deck

motivate and inspire students globally

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