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Taanvi Arekapudi is a 13-year-old Irish teenager with Indian parents. She is currently a student in the Northshore School District in Washington. She is an amazing leader, humanitarian...

“We have faced so many challenges recently that are out of our control. Young people especially have navigated uncertainties and impossibly challenging circumstances. In Uplift Teens Today, author Taanvi Arekapudi is a voice to her peers reaching out to let them know they aren’t alone. Taanvi provides ideas and activities that help her readers stay positive when everything about life feels hard. But -- this is not just a list of inspiring activities! Taanvi frames her ideas within her own challenging journey of moving across the ocean to a new home in America. As her readers also learn about her nearly two years (!) of online schooling during the pandemic, they discover how Taanvi used that time to build up a reserve of positive vibes so she could use them to uplift her peers. Readers will love to discover that her inspiring message comes to life thanks to the QR codes scattered throughout her book. Each QR code links to Taanvi addressing the reader as a dear friend that she is there to champion! If you are lucky enough to know Taanvi, you already know she uplifts people around her wherever her journey takes her. And -- if you are lucky enough to get a copy of Uplift Teens Today, you will be inspired to develop that same positivity and share it from within wherever your journey takes you!”

Ms. Schexnayder, Assistant Principal

Coping with Mental Health for Teens

Kids living in this modern world are exposed to a lot more emotions. Their exposure to social media, globalization, the pandemic, the dark web, terrorism, natural disasters, and general day-to-day activities are so much more than the previous generation. They are driving their anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts to a whole new level. With this book, every kid could benefit from guidance coming from a kid like themselves, living and experiencing similar things as they do.

Classroom Lecture


Recent studies indicate that approximately one in 5 teens ages 12 - 18 suffer from at least 1 diagnosable mental health disorder. A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 2019 indicates the teen mental health crisis continues to grow.

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