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  • Who is the publisher?
    We are currently planning self-publishing. If you are interested in publishing please reach out to us.
  • Why is Shift Left Coaching part of this website?
    Shift Left Coaching is in its infancy and work is in progress to officially launch it. Taanvi the author of the book Uplift teens today would be stepping into providing mental health support as a teen coach and hence this synergy. Shift Left Coaching is a brain child of Taanvi and her dad Bharath Kumar Arekapudi and both of them will start providing coaching helping Shift Left and Stay Ahead: Empowering Yourself to Overcome Life's Challenges.
  • Where can I buy it from?
    Once launched you can buy it from my website or from Amazon directly. We will update the website with all the details.
  • Want to promote my book and get rewarded?
    My goal is for this book to reach as many youths as possible and at the same time support charities and raise funds for them. So if you are a charity would love to have you onboarded as an affiliate and reward 25% of the book sales to your charity organization. You can click here to register as an affiliate.
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