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“In sharing some of her challenging life experiences and how she has managed these, Taanvi has crafted a lovely story that includes skills we can all use to help us manage the painful emotions we’ll inevitably encounter. Thank you Taanvi for being such an inspiration, and keep up the great work!”

Sheri Van Dijk, MSW, RSW

Psychotherapist, EMDR Certified Therapist & Consultant-in-Training

Author & International Speaker

"Taanvi the Author has hit the nail on the head with her tools and techniques to uplift our moods and see situations and recognize emotions and become the support for ourselves. Not only does she mention them in easy ways to implement but she has tried them all and gave us the best. Pick up this book "Uplift Teens Today", take a deep breath, and get ready to regain control of your life! Definitely, a book to read - and learn from one of the best. A message from a teen to another teens or adults."

Srimanju Katragadda

Intuitive Healer & Akashic Records Reader

Author of bestselling book "Connect To Your Inner Guide"

Uplift Teens Today is the book I wanted to read when I was a pre-teen. Through her unique, though highly relatable life story, Taanvi invites the young generation into releasing pressure and anxiety in an easy way. The pleasant narrative is filled with enough tools so that everybody can find the ones that work best for them. I highly recommend it for the youngster and I’d tell the parents to take a pick too!

Viola Murrone,

Health Coach and Crystal Reiki Master

Founder and CEO of FeelAndHeal.Me

“We have faced so many challenges recently that are out of our control. Young people especially have navigated uncertainties and impossibly challenging circumstances. In Uplift Teens Today, author Taanvi Arekapudi is a voice to her peers reaching out to let them know they aren’t alone. Taanvi provides ideas and activities that help her readers stay positive when everything about life feels hard. But -- this is not just a list of inspiring activities! Taanvi frames her ideas within her own challenging journey of moving across the ocean to a new home in America. As her readers also learn about her nearly two years (!) of online schooling during the pandemic, they discover how Taanvi used that time to build up a reserve of positive vibes so she could use them to uplift her peers. Readers will love to discover that her inspiring message comes to life thanks to the QR codes scattered throughout her book. Each QR code links to Taanvi addressing the reader as a dear friend that she is there to champion! If you are lucky enough to know Taanvi, you already know she uplifts people around her wherever her journey takes her. And -- if you are lucky enough to get a copy of Uplift Teens Today, you will be inspired to develop that same positivity and share it from within wherever your journey takes you!”

"Taanvi weaves a beautiful story that is also a master class in how to meet change and challenge in life!  She humbly and authentically offers us tools to be more present, cope with anxiety, connect with ourselves and others, and dance with what life brings. Taanvi's experiences as a global citizen - and her "wise beyond her years" knowing - come together delightfully in this gem of a book, which is sure to inspire people of all ages to chillax and remember what matters!"

Peggy Fitzsimmons, Ph.D.
Author of Release: Create a Clutter Free and  Soul Driven Life. 

“This is a fantastic book where Taanvi shares her own story as well as tools and tips to support young people's positive mental health and wellbeing. I feel that young people will find this book very relatable, helpful and supportive. It is beautiful written, engaging and informative. I highly recommened this book for all young people and especially those experiencing difficulties in their lives."

Louise Shanagher,

Author, Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer, Founder of Creative Mindfulness Kids

Ms. Schexnayder

Assistant Principal

“Self-awareness is a skill that not every adult has, and not only does 13-year old author and mental health advocate Taanvi Arekapudi possess it, but she is able to take that masterful skill and share it in a way that will make a deep impact on others. Uplift Teens Today shares tools that will help kids navigate challenging times in a way that is understood because it’s also written from a peers perspective. Taanvi will leave an impression on your kids’ heart because she so openly has shared hers. This book should be every kids companion. Kudos to Taanvi for her leadership, kindness and courage! “

“A perspective we NEED to hear - some of the world's biggest topics such as the pandemic or immigration, but through the lens of the generation most affected by it. I have such deep respect for Taanvi taking her experiences and turning it into gems for her peers and all those who will read this book.”

Daniel Ramamoorthy,

5x TEDx Speaker | Speaking Coach

“A trail of bright lightbulb moments through lived experience, Taanvi guides us with big heart, magic and motivation.”

Ruth Fitzmaurice,

Author of “I Found My Tribe”

Shari Alyse, America’s Joy Magnet, Bestselling Author of Love Yourself Happy, 2x TEDx, TV Personality & Host

“Every generation struggles with the world in which they are born.  There is nothing new under the sun… THANKFULLY, the sun rises every day providing time for new opportunities. 
How wonderful it is that Taanvi Arekapudi arose with helping others in her heart.  Her book Uplift Teens Today is a breath of fresh air in a society ripped in political division and overloaded with the weight of grief, stress, and discourse.  If you struggle with change and feel out of place, you may find Taanvi’s stories relatable.  She crafted Uplift Teens Today to help you to think positively.  I hope Taanvi’s work will be conduit for you to find peace in your circumstances and shift gears.
Tomorrow is never certain, but always dependent on the actions we take today.  As we reflect on the past, live in the moment and plan for the future, let us always value the urgency of now.  Be your best self today.  Ask yourself, “If you do not have time to do it right today, when are you going to have time to do it over?” 
Seek wise counsel.  Remember there is nothing new.  Someone has walked a similar path before.  Be willing to learn, be encouraged and even be warned by others.  Listen, apply advice appropriately and step out to forge your own path.  
Enjoy the read and your journey forward!”

"In Uplift Teens Today, Taanvi Arekapudi demonstrates the value of sharing our life challenges and emotional struggles openly and honestly. For this is what she does whilst bringing the reader through the ups and downs of her transition from living in Ireland to living in Seattle and importantly sharing the concrete tools she used to navigate some rough waters. Taanvi delivers coping skills in an enjoyable easily digestible manner ensuring this book will be an asset for any family.”

Patrika Mani, Bodywork and Energy Therapist

“Taanvi's personal story of strength, resilience, gratitude, and mindfulness is an inspiring glimpse into a young person's journey through the ups and downs of middle school life during a pandemic. Her true and honest recounting of how these experiences felt and her practical tips for how she managed through the tough times and overcame challenges are relevant, helpful, and empowering.  I am gratetful for the opportunity to learn from Taanvi, as I plan to implement these practices in my own life.”

Tiffany Rodriguez, Principal

Jesse D. Hayes IV,

President, Red-Tailed Hawks Aviation Academy

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