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Taanvi's main goal is to reach as many teens as possible through the book, as she strongly believes telling a story and weaving the tools and techniques through her life journey and how she used them would connect to teens and help them to cope with their mental health challenges.  So she is looking for your support in spreading this word out to as many youths as possible. 

Her secondary goal is to provide assistance and support to non-profit organizations and initiatives working toward improving teens' mental health.   This is a way to give back to the community. For any sales made through an organization, 25% of the sales amount would be donated to that organization. You can register below to  start promoting her book and get donations based on sales.  She is also looking into donating 25% of all her sales where no organization has benefited to support a good cause. If you want to be considered for that donation, please email for more info and register your interest by sharing info on projects. 

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