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Teen mental health ambassador & best selling author at 13 years old

Lisa David Olson

Jan 8, 2023

Stranger Connections

Finding alternative ideas for teens to work through mental health issues is a passion for 13-year-old Taanvi Arekapudi. Her best-selling book is Uplift Teens Today; coping strategies for mental health

Listen to the podcast here.

This is the first "teen to teen"mental health book, and the author offers coping strategies and encouragement for peers to reach out to a trusted adult, friend or sibling when thoughts go dark.

Through her own journey, Arekapudi rose up and became the Youth Ambassador of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Arekapudi shares her mental health crisis story and what turned her emotions into healthier thoughts.

Listen to discover:

- alternate ideas for teens having too much screen time

- what is the Pomodoro technique

- coping strategies

- the mindfulness club

- Think Positive Group

Her book is called Uplift Teens Today.

Discover daily inspiration on Instagram: taanvis.inspiration

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