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Introducing the much-awaited arrival of the "Emotion Cards: Unveiling the Power of Emotions, One Card at a Time" Card Deck! 


Get ready to embark on a journey through the realm of emotions, one card at a time. Curiosity piqued? Hold tight, because we're about to reveal a sneak peek into the wonders that await you within the box, along with all the details on how and where you can make this yours.


The emotion cards box consists of six main double-sided cards, each featuring an emotion and its corresponding emoji on one side, and signs, symptoms, and prompts on the other side. These main cards serve as the foundation for the set. For each of the six main cards, there are additional sub cards (exactly 36 sub cards) that provide further information and depth. The number of sub cards varies, with some main cards having four, six, or eight sub cards. These sub cards offer a more nuanced exploration of the emotion depicted on the main card. On the front side of each sub card, you will find an emotion, its corresponding emoji, and a descriptive term that captures its essence. This information helps users to quickly identify and understand the specific emotion being addressed. On the back side of each sub card, there are two additional emotions related to the main emotion, along with their descriptions and tips. These additional emotions provide a broader perspective on the emotional experience, allowing users to explore related feelings and gain insights into their emotional states. 


Cheat Sheets & Manuals are also included if you need the help fast and easy!



Emotion Cards: Unveiling the Power of Emotions, One Card at a Time

  • What's Included in the Box?

    The emotion cards deck consists of 44 cards, 1 Double-Sided Cheat

    Sheet, and 2 Double-Sided Manuals.


    Why are They Needed?

    Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem are increasingly common among teenagers globally. Many teenagers don't feel fully supported in opening up about their mental health challenges, leaving them vulnerable. These emotion cards provide a comprehensive framework for emotional understanding and management. They fill a gap by offering a supportive tone, in-depth exploration of emotions, and practical tips for coping.


    What Problems Can It Help Solve?

    The emotion cards aim to help individuals identify and understand the specific emotions they are experiencing. They offer practical tips that can be implemented to manage and navigate these emotions effectively. By addressing emotional challenges, the cards help individuals gain control over their emotions and cope better with life's challenges. They aim to contribute to improved mental health and overall well-being.


    For Who?

    Everyone, including kids, teens, and adults, can benefit from these emotion cards. The cards are designed to be easy to use, with visuals, words, and descriptions that cater to different learning styles. Individuals who struggle with acknowledging and understanding their emotions will benefit from the step-by-step process provided by the cards. These cards can help individuals develop emotional intelligence, manage their emotions, and lead more balanced lives.

  • These are the shipping options (prices are per Box):

    • Domestic Shipping: $5.00
    • International Shipping: $10.00
    • Pick-Up Option: Free
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