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20 Things To Do When Your Bored

Do you ever feel BORED? Well, I do for sure..... So, I decided to write this blog for you to read and get some ideas for what to do when you ever feel bored.

If this helps you be sure to, like, comment, and share with friends and family.

  1. Do Some Sports

  2. Create a Website

  3. Binge Watch TV

  4. Do Some Painting or Drawing

  5. Learn an instrument or play one you are learning

  6. Learn some new dance moves

  7. Play in nature with a ball or frisbee

  8. Spend time with friends and family

  9. Make a snack

  10. Do a home version of the "I draw, you cook" challenge

  11. Make a ping pong ball obstacle course

  12. Do a Room Makeover

  13. Build a Fort

  14. Have a spa day

  15. Plan a movie or game night with your family and friends

  16. Write in your journal or bullet journal

  17. Water your plants

  18. Start an art project

  19. Learn some gymnastics

  20. Plan a social gathering

Hope these are helpful, and be sure to comment on some things you do when your feeling bored :)

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